Some may argue that the interior design of a home is the most important, but we would have to disagree.

The exterior of your home is the first impression given to someone driving by or arriving to your home as a guest. That first impression sets the tone for your home’s ambiance and who doesn’t want to create that lasting effect on someone? We have a few helpful elements to share when creating that impressive space.

Start off with breaking your yard up into areas of focus. It can be overwhelming to look at your yard and envision the final product. Pick an area and begin brainstorming what fits that space. Is it a small garden or a place for a new fruit tree? Whatever the space may be, take it space by space and grow your landscaping vision an area at a time. Once you have a few areas completed, step back and see where you can add color!

We want to make sure we don’t have too green of a yard. Think about adding a few plants that bring colorful flowers or, if you have a strong green thumb, a garden filled with fruits and vegetables. This will bring dimension and needed variation to your yard. 

The first impression could happen in the evening, not just during the day. Be sure to add lighting as a final element! Especially around the front entrance to your home, add electric power ground lights so all your hard work can be seen at any hour. This lighting not only brings an aesthetic design feature but brings functionality and home security for you as the homeowner.