• SET IRRIGATION CLOCK TO: 4am-9am-6pm. This gives you 2 soaking watering in the morning to hold during the day, then have the evening to rehydrate and cool down. That is for 2 weeks.
  • Then cut out the evening watering for a week.
  • Then move the morning watering to 5am ONLY for 2 weeks.
  • Then cut down to 3 days a week at 5am.

Most turf zones need 20-30 mins run time each time. But it is best for you to watch your grass because every yard is different.

**Be on the watch out for HOT SPOTS.These are pieces of grass that tend to dry out quicker than the rest of the grass during watering and rooting. If you see this, just hit those areas with a garden hose for 10-15mins, it is normal, so don’t panic.


Same as above, just cut every step in 1/2. Eliminate the 4am start time and start watering times at 9am


Wait 2 weeks after installation before mowing.

Then push mow only at the highest applicable setting for your turf grass. (If you’re not sure, then you can do a quick google such on your time grass and the proper mowing heights.

Be sure to mow in the opposite direction the gras was laid, the rotate clock wise for the new 4 weeks giving the turf 4 different directions of mowing, leaving the direction it was laid for the last week.

After 6 weeks now of the grass being installed, give it a slight tug in serval places to see if it has rooted completely. (You are not trying to rip it out of the ground, be gentle as these are brand new baby roots.)

Now, its time for regular lawn service. Continue to rotate your mowing as stated above and be sure to only remove 1/3 of the grass blade on each mowing. Allowing the grass to get too tall between mowing will severally damage the turf.



There are several different methods for after care on new turf or doing a google search through a qualified resource. NC State, Clemson, and UGA all have great resources on aftercare. Landscaping is a huge investment, and your knowledge is the best thing you can have to protect it!


Consult the professionals. Be sure to tell them the type of grass you had installed and the date it was installed.

If you are one of our weekly lawn care clients, we can handle it for you. If not, We recommend the following companies.

  • Lawn Ace (706) 223-3247
  • Canopy Cambium (706) 631-5711
  • Fairway (706) 849-2255