The concept behind having the right place for the right plant is ensuring your garden will flourish with whatever you choose to plant. It is the art of know:

  1. Functionality: What plant will grow best in this space?
  2. Aesthetically: What plant will or would look best in this space?
  3. Reality: What plant will be managed best in this space with the conditions?

After thinking through those three areas of questions, you then can begin building out your vision for your yard. A few additional areas of thought will need to be addressed when building out the area. You will need to think through space, color, light, and water control. Below, we have briefly broken down those areas for additional thought.

Space: What will fit in this area? You don’t want to plant a tree that will grow to be 20 ft in an area that can only handle a plant at the height of 5 ft. Look at what is already around the area and measure out how many plants you are looking to plant and the space they need to grow to their optimal potential.

Color: Make sure you are spreading out the color of the plants in your yard! You don’t want areas to be too green or too pink. Ensure you are adding pops where needed and it is one cohesive canvas.

Light: This is something many pay little attention to. Some trees like a peach thrive better in hot, light heavy areas unlike other trees. These are details you want to make sure to be aware of before selecting and planting. You can put out a SunCalc, which measures the amount of UV Rays and light that an area gets in a 24 hr. period. This can be found on amazon or in your local greenhouse.

Water Control: This is as simple as it gets; make sure the area doesn’t get too much or little water! Get and see after it rains where the water is flowing, some areas are dump grounds for water overflow, and you don’t want to plant something right in the middle of that.