Does your landscaping need a refresh but you don’t know what to do? Stepping stones can be a great choice. They are versatile and bring dimension to your yard or garden. We will take a look at a few ways they can be used in your yard!

1. Unmulched Planting Beds: One of the many ways stepping stones can be used is in the planting beds you have unmulched. They can create pathways, walkways or as a sidewalk without having to get the concrete out! It is a huge advantage when looking to spice up an area without having to spend a lot of time replanting or researching.

2. Mulched Planting Beds: Now they can also be used in mulched areas. If you have an area that does not have grass and is filled with mulch or pine straw, these are great for keeping your shoes clean and giving the area an elevated look. After a rainy day, the stepping stones would help keep the mud and debris out of your home.

3. Seating Areas: They can be used to define areas like seating or patio. We know that it can be challenging setting up tables and chairs on the grass. It leaves indentations and a wobbling foundation. Using stepping stones can help with defining the area, giving a flat foundation to your furniture as well as allowing your grass to remain in tack!